Once you become a mom, your personal style is probably the first to go. Suddenly there is no time for you…mostly because you now have another human being to keep alive 24/7 and your brain seems to always be running at maximum capacity. There is no longer any time to agonize over your outfit for the day, let alone stand in front of the mirror to admire how cute you look! Soon, ponytails are your constant hairstyle and sweatpants are your daily attire.



Style in general takes effort, but #Motherhood style takes hard work and dedication…But it’s worth it! Your unique individual style is what makes you, well, you – it can inspire you to achieve more, give you confidence when you feel you have none, and put a smile on your face when you’ve had a bad day. If it sounds like a powerful thing, that’s because it is. Your children are always watching you (I know that sounds creepy), but they do, and they know when you have put effort into yourself and when you are truly happy. Your children imitate you, look up to you, and recognize their potential in you. So, it is important to lead by example and teach them that it is okay to be unique, different…and to just be themselves. Here, I will divulge my unique personal style, tips on how you can make time for you, and some awesome deals that are just too good to pass up!